"En el mundo actual, toda cultura, toda literatura y arte pertenecen a una clase determinada y están subordinados a una línea política determinada. No existe en realidad, arte por el arte, ni arte que esté por encima de las clases, ni arte que se desarrolle paralelo a la política o sea independiente de ella. La literatura y el arte proletarios son parte de la causa de la revolución proletaria en su conjunto; son, como decía Lenin, engranajes y tornillos del mecanismo general de la revolución." - Mao Tse-tung

miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2016




Comrades, at number 1 of the Negation of the Negation Magazine,
edit it 15 years ago, Communist Worker Union (mlm) published the
Military Line of the Proletarian Revolution at Colombia, and in its
presentation it compromised among other things, to defend Marxist
Leninist Maoist, don’t dive truce to opportunist enemy and to
contribute a “... to build the bases of the general line about which
edify a Communist International of New Type”.
Then, this number of the magazine you have in your hands is
justly dedicated to contribute to build the unity of International
Communist Movement, now not on polemic as in the numbers
previous, it dedicates to the struggle against the prachandist
revisionism and the betrayal to the Nepal’s revolution and the combat
to centrism that a way covertly pleads for unity or conciliation with
revisionism; but as proposal of formulation for unity of International
Communist Movement that, we are sure, it will contribute
to lay the groundwork for the unity of the Marxist Leninist Maoist
of all countries in their struggle for the construction of the new
Communist International, essential instrument for the victory of
the World Proletarian Revolution.
This momentous task to contribute to build the largest state of
the international proletariat, appears in the notebook of all Marxist
Leninist Maoist parties and organization today, and can’t be any
other way, since the agony of imperialism capitalist requires the
organization that lead the struggle of the worker class and the
people of world on principles of the revolutionary communism.
In this struggle, then the disappearance of III International o
Communist International, was presented a intent historical
constituted for Revolutionary International Movement – RIM, that
played an important and commendable role to counteract the crisis
of International Communist Movement, that ensued after of the
defeat of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in China. However, this
effort was truncated by opportunism that lead to the bankruptcy
and its disappearance; a bitter truth only accepted after years,
for majority of parties and in the face of facts. The predominance
accomplished by revisionism in the RIM has its objective causes in
the changes suffered by imperialism as world system of exploitation
and oppression in its advanced stated of agony; but the principal
cause subjective of its bankruptcy find in the incorrect method
of the secret discussion of the divergences and in the conciliation
with opportunist tendencies; in such a way when openly arose the
prachandist revisionism in Nepal and perpetrated the betrayal to
the revolution, the RIM remained silent accomplice because its
same Committee was eaten by avakianist revisionism.
The betrayal to the revolution in Nepal and the disappearance
of RIM, deepen the crisis of International Communist Movement
which main features are the great ideological confusion and the
organizational dispersion. However, its forces persist in the struggle
issuing joint statements, coordinating actions, as well as advancing
in the discussion and in its reorganization. Discussion that is not
petty but it is part of the struggle against the revisionism of the
“new synthesis by Avakian” and centrism that continues sowing
confusion and muddy the Marxist Leninist Maoist, torpedoing the
struggle against the hell of the capitalist exploitation, denying and
dismissing the inevitability of the World Proletarian Revolution and
the necessity of Proletariat Dictatorship.
This struggle for a new regrouping of the communist is present
between progresses of advance of the objective forces of the World
Proletarian Revolution push by economic crisis of capitalism, where
the People’s War in India has been a important role as it has counted
with support of communist and revolutionaries of all countries, it
has been promoted by Marxist Leninist Maoist parties and organization,
likewise provides to regroupment of the revolutionaries and
to isolation of the of the pacifist; it has facilitated the repudiation
of avakianist and prachandist revisionism, and it has neutralized
the international centrism; but until now has been pending the
demarcation thoroughly with the eclecticism and opportunist ideas
of right and ‘left’ manifest in the same heart of organizations and
parties aligned with Marxism Leninism Maoism, essential split to
recover a correct politic and ideological international center.
The announcement of the preparation of the new International
Conference of the Marxist Leninist Maoist represents a great
condition for claim the necessity of unity around to the principles
and the complete break and conscious between revolutionaries
Marxism and opportunism. In this way, Communist Worker Union
(mlm) presents in this edition of its theoretical organ, Proposal
of Formulation of a General Line for unity of International
Communist Movement.
Comrades, Proposal that have in your hands is product of effort
and work of the Communist Worker Union (mlm), was a imposed task
of the situation of confusion and dispersion of the Marxist Leninist
Maoist later to the betrayal of the revolution in Nepal and bankruptcy
of RIM, and which objective is contribute to the unit around of the
principles of communist in all countries, to contribute to build the
politic and ideological bases of the new International Conference
of the Marxist Leninist Maoist, enabling the unit of organization in
the new Communist International that lead the combats of worker
class and the peoples all the world for their definitive liberation.
It is a document that entirely supports in the science of
Marxism Leninism Maoism to contribute to exam of the evolution
of imperialism and analyze the grade of exacerbation of its most
important contradictions; to contribute to balance of the experience
of Revolution, the construction of Socialism and the Dictatorship of
the Proletariat; to advance in the historic balance of the experience
of International Communist Movement, and to help to determine
the tasks of communist in different types of countries.
A contribute we deliver with joy for the international discussion
of the communist; and what better opportunity to put this Proposal
in the hands of the international revolutionary proletariat that
Celebration of the 50 Anniversary of the Great Proletarian
Cultural Revolution in China; we convince of what the Marxist
Leninist Maoist is almighty because is truth; that the proletariat
advance to their emancipation; that the imperialist capitalist is
a dying system that will be buried by exploited and oppressed,
lead them by new Communist International, untying the World
Proletariat Revolution that advance in every corner of the globe.

Executive Committee
Communist Worker Union (mlm)
August, 2016

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